A great way to keep existing or capture potential clients (leeds).

Newsletter or e-mail marketing is way of contacting client via e-mail. Newsletter is great way to keep existing or capture potential clients (leeds). Inform clients of your new services or attract them with discounts and offers. That way you can keep them coming back. And that is not all! By using Newsletter you get to know your customer better. Discover who likes what or what are client’s preferences and all that without boring questionnaires or direct questions. Newsletter statistics, like who clicked where will tell you plenty about your clients.   

We can offer you:

  • Attractive graphical Newsletter design
  • Newsletter campaign planing and sending it to your clients. 
  • Monitoring statistics and your client’s needs.
  • Consulting how to gather more e-mail addresses from your potential clients 
  • Consulting how to target your campaign better.
  • “Always available team of W3Industry has enabled us, beside our two current web pages taraparket and taradoo, to begin work on another, third web page that is necessairy for our company.”

    Slobodan Ranković Tara Parket