Website development

Our design is original and tailored to fit the needs of a buyer.

Web presentation is a commercial need. More and more people are using the internet to get the desired information about services and products of companies that have already seen the importance of web presence. Very often companies themselves via the internet realize the importance of website and its influence on the market. 

Our design is original and tailored to fit the needs of a buyer. Strategic decision of W3Industry is that there are no limitations in personal goals and client propositions to present their activities and products. For every single project our experts find the best solution in the shortest period of time to accommodate all customer requests. That kind of strategy guarantees us satisfied customers and constant progress of our staff in line with the latest global trends in IT. 

Respecting market demands and the latest trends in website development, we offer dynamic sites that allow our clients easy and quick management of data, without any need for site administrator. 

If you decide to work with us, we offer the following: 

  • developing a concept and structure of your website
  • designing of original website design
  • domain registration (*.rs, *.com, *.net, *.org, *.biz, *.info, etc.)
  • website maintenaince
  • technical support
  • “Always available team of W3Industry has enabled us, beside our two current web pages taraparket and taradoo, to begin work on another, third web page that is necessairy for our company.”

    Slobodan Ranković Tara Parket