SEO Search Engine Optimization

Increase visits to your website by optimizing the website properly for web search engines!
Optimizing the website for search engines is one of the priorities that must be fulfilled in order to achieve the highest ranking for your website.
Consulting with our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) team and introducing mod rewrite, a part of software that modifies URL, is part of the strategy to achieve the highest quality.
Promoting and optimizing the website means special designing and coding that enables your site’s name to appear in the very top of search engine results.
W3Industry offers various services to increase rating of your website:
    * research for best ranked keywords in search engines
    * placing keywords in the right places on your website
    * analysis and recommendations regarding the design of your website
    * registering website with search engines
    * tracking web traffic and making of reports
Every optimization for search engines starts with search for keywords. We offer to do all the necessary research to determine the most important words and phrases about your line of business.
  • “Always available team of W3Industry has enabled us, beside our two current web pages taraparket and taradoo, to begin work on another, third web page that is necessairy for our company.”

    Slobodan Ranković Tara Parket