Web ( Web ) site is a commercial necessity . More and more people are coming through the Internet to information about the services and products of the company / companies that are already comprehend the significance of their presence on the Internet through websites, and very often the company over the internet come to realize that they actually need a web site to increase their impact on the market .

The design of our products is original and fits the business customer. Strategic orientation W3Industry is that there are no restrictions in terms of personal desires and proposals to clients should present their activities and products. For each project , our experts are promptly optimal solution in accordance with all the wishes and requirements of the clients. Such a strategy guarantees us satisfied customers and continuous improvement of our staff in line with the latest global trends in IT .

In accordance with the requirements of the market and the latest trends in the development of web sites , we offer a dynamic website that enable our clients to quickly and easily update information on the website, completely independently without the need for hiring part-time or full-time administrator for site maintenance .

If you decide to cooperate with us , we are able to offer you :

  • elaboration and development of the concept and structure of the web site
  • creating an original design for the web site
  • registration of the domain (*. fr , * . com *. net *. org *. biz , * . info , etc. . )
  • setting up a website and putting into operation of the web site (web hosting )
  • ability to maintain the content on your web site
  • technical Support
  • “Always available team of W3Industry has enabled us, beside our two current web pages taraparket and taradoo, to begin work on another, third web page that is necessairy for our company.”

    Slobodan Ranković Tara Parket